Oregon Sustainability Center

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Project-Related Documents

Welcome to the page of virtual handouts. Missed a meeting? Lost your notes? Here you’ll find links to documents and presentations that were distributed or presented at OSC events. If you can’t find what you’re after, leave a comment with the details, and we’ll do our best to track it down.

6/25/09: OSC Feasibility Study: Executive Summary

6/25/09 : Presentation : “OSC Feasibility Study,” presented at the OSC Open House

5/20/09 : Meeting Minutes : Tenant Program Meeting at GBD

5/20/09 : Presentation : “Programming Overview for the OSC,” presented by Phil Beyl, GBD

5/20/09 : Presentation : “What is it like to live/work in a Living Building?” presented by Lisa Petterson of SERA and Omid Napapoor of Interface Engineering.

5/20/09 : Presentation : “Intro to the Tenant Programming Meeting,” presented by Terry Miller, Green Building Services

4/29/09 : Report : “OSC Living Building Eco-Charrette Report,” compiled by Green Building Services

4/16/09 : Presentation : “early concept sketches for the OSC,” compiled by GBD Architects

4/15/09 : The Portland Development Commission has issued a Request for Proposals to develop a communications strategy for three sustainable economy initiatives – including the Oregon Sustainability Center. Would a building by another name be as green? We certainly think so. Find out more here.

4/11/09 : Presentation : “Overview of the Oregon Sustainability Center” for the OSC Open House

4/09/09 : Charrette Presentation : “Energy Workshop

4/09/09 : Charrette Presentation : “Towards Net Zero

4/06/09 : Charrette Presentation : “Living Buildings and Bringing Green Buildings to Life” by Dr. Judith Heerwagen, PhD.

4/06/09 : Charrette Presentation : “EcoDistricts

4/06/09 : Charrette Presentation : “The Genesis of the Living Building Challenge

4/06/09 : Charrette Presentation : “OSC Eco-Charrette Overview” by Green Building Services

4/06/09 : Ecodistricts Concept Paper by Rob Bennett, Portland+Oregon Sustainability Institute

4/06/09 : Feasibility Study – RFP #08-23 from the Portland Development Commission


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