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The feasibility team

Eleven teams responded to the Portland Development Commission’s Request for Proposals (RFP) to study the feasibility of the Oregon Sustainability Center.  After a first round of evaluation, the following four teams made the short list:

  • Gerding Edlen Development with SERA Architects and GBD Architects
  • Holst Architecture with FXFOWLE, Pettigrove Venture and Equity Community Builders LLC
  • Ethos Project Management with Behnisch Architects, Inc., Brightworks and Regenesis Group
  • Winkler Development Corporation with Perkins + Will and LRS Architects Inc.

Each team presented a remarkable set of strengths, making the final decision a tough one.

On February 27, the four short-listed teams presented their proposals to the project evaluation committee.  After much deliberation and debate, the contract was awarded to (……drum roll please……) Gerding Edlen Development with SERA Architects and GBD Architects.  We’re excited to have them on board!   Stay tuned for updates from the team.


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A dynamic partnership

Several of Oregon’s leading organizations in sustainability are partnering to create the Center.  They represent higher education, government, nonprofits and business:

With so many layers of knowledge and specialization contributing, one can’t help but feel that the Center’s vision is robust.  These groups will also have the unique opportunity to live in a Living Building – an experience that can only deepen the understanding behind the vision.

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Welcome to the Oregon Sustainability Center blog

This is the inaugural post of the Oregon Sustainability Center blog.  It’s a place to find updates on the Center’s development, explore building technologies & best practices and discover innovative projects around the world.

The Oregon Sustainability Center is the project of a public-private collaboration striving to accelerate Oregon’s leadership in sustainability.  This collaboration – which includes key players in government, academia, nonprofits and private industry – sees the Center as not only the place to push leading-edge building technologies, but also a project that will drive a sustainable economy.  Plus, it’ll be a place where these diverse groups will let ideas spark and fly – all while engaging the public in the latest developments in sustainability.

The mission of this project is to create a world-class center of excellence in sustainability that celebrates and nurtures the values and strengths of Oregon’s leadership in climate change, land use planning, smart growth, green building, environmental stewardship, civic engagement and social justice.

We hope you are excited by what you find here.

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